SeungJun Kim

SeungJun Kim
I am working as a Systems Scientist at CMU HCI Institute. My research interest lies in situational control of end-user’s cognitive load (and management of attention demands) based on sensor-based assessment for supporting seamless interaction between humans and computers. I extend my research focus from human-centered problems dealing with cognitive or perceptual issues in Human-Computer Interaction and the quality of life of people who want to overcome a difficulty in interacting with virtual information spaces (e.g., elder people or cognitively-disabled people). My studies will include an interdisciplinary journey to cognitive sciences, psychology, humanities or human factors, as well as test-bed prototyping, design of interactive tasks, multi-modality, usability analysis and hybrid assessment of end-users’ cognitive load states (e.g., task performance, subjective ratings, eye-tracking, and psycho-physiological measurement).


Sensors Know When to Interrupt You in the Car: Detecting Driver Interruptibility Through Monitoring of Peripheral Interactions 2015
Expert-Novice Differences in Geometry Problem-Solving Tasks 2014
Assessing real-time cognitive load based on psycho-physiological measures for younger and older adults 2014
Psycho-Physiological Measures for Assessing Cognitive Load. 2013
Route Guidance Modality for Elder Driver Navigation 2012
Usability of Car Dashboard Displays for Elder Drivers 2011
AR interfacing with prototype 3D applications based on user-centered interactivity 2010
AR Windshield Display for Navigation Aid 2009


Human-Vehicle Interaction
Cyber-learning with a Sensor Support
Multisensory Augmentation